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Bismarck clever solution embarrassment

March 1896 to October, the powerful figure of the Qing Empire, the Zhili Governor and the Northern Minister, known as the « Oriental Bismarck Li Hongzhang, with a year’s time, visited eight countries in Europe and the United States, string embroidery in Germany,by the « Iron Chancellor » Bismarck hospitality.

Two admirers have long, just not met to regret now able to face-to-face conversation, foot comfort of his life, laughing quite fun while, Bismarck placed under the the sumptuous Western hospitality Li Hongzhang. Li Hongzhang Li adults this is the first time to eat Western food case for samsung galaxy,

Etiquette and rules do not quite understand the Western table, banquet has not officially begun, perhaps Li Hongzhang mouth too thirsty, stretched forth his hand to put on the table in front of their own, and this the water used to wash their hands, as the drinks a drink down, the crowd was amazed at all looked at each other, some German looked laughing, nu skin hk just because of international etiquette, not to laugh.

Is not so Li Hongzhang embarrassment, Bismarck also not hesitate to hand washing water drained, Seeing the situation, others are naturally not neglect, only Renxiao the fight and smiled, have painful swallowing their own hand washing water before the embarrassing scenes restored quickly made ​​laugh Yan Yan joy.

Others do not embarrassed embarrassing situation: how do you follow how do.

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